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Lesbian Life Interviews Jackie Warner

Jackie Warner is one of those people who succeeds at just about anything she tries. Before the star of Bravo’s hit reality show Work Out became a personal trainer, she owned a successful cellular company, modeled, acted and even sold a movie script. But if Jackie Warner has found her true calling, it’s as a personal trainer who works with others to help them achieve their very best. As Work Out’s second season is about to air, Jackie Warner took a few minutes to talk with Lesbian Life.

Kathy Belge: Did you have any idea how popular the show Work Out was going to be?

Jackie Warner: No. I try not to think about those things because you don’t want the disappointment if it doesn’t work out. I always think it’s going to be positive and hope for the best. I was pleasantly surprised.

What do you think people are attracted to about the show?

It’s very multi-dimensional and relatable. Number one there are so many questions regarding a healthy lifestyle. I can’t believe it, especially when I travel, how much people ask me very basic questions about food and dieting and fitness in general.
So one, the information that we give is informative and interesting to people. Two, obviously the personal, my lifestyle is very fascinating to people. One thing I think is it’s relatable, because I do come from the middle part of the country and I don’t shove it down people’s throats. It’s just another part of me. That’s why I get a lot of straight, especially female fans.

Has being a lesbian been an asset or a liability to you in your business and as a personal trainer?

I don’t think it’s been either.

Being a lesbian, or being gay, is a struggle. Especially in your youth when you’re formulating who you are. It’s difficult because society doesn’t accept it. In business, I think of myself as a business woman. I never think about the gay issue. I always say first and foremost, I’m a woman.

My perception is that lesbians struggle with weight issues more than the general population. I wonder if you have any insight into why.

My thought is that women who do not want sexual attention from men and are sensitive to that. And we are so sexualized in society, where men are not. Our answer to that, perhaps, could be to make sure that we are not sexualized in a male society. I noticed it myself and I think there’s no other explanation for it. It’s simply unwanted sexual attention by men. And by the way, every time a woman walks down the street, she gets it. It’s not like you can just turn it on or off. You do that yourself by masking your body with weight.
I think it’s changing, though. I think the more that society becomes accepting of homosexuality and sex in general and we discuss it and it’s more open and out there, the more lesbians are adjusting to that and are not so afraid of sexuality. The younger generation, they take good care of themselves.

Well, especially out there in LA, I’m sure…

But just in general, I see change. I went to Ohio to shoot some footage for the show. We broke and went out to a gay bar. I was quite surprised that the women were as attractive and in as good shape as they were.

On that note, do you have any celebrity lesbians who are calling you for personal training now?

I do. Not that I can name. I have a couple.
I always assume in Hollywood that most women are bisexual. It’s very different here. I don’t know any women that would not experiment with other women in this town. There are a lot of beautiful women here and they’re used to getting what they want. They’re curious.

I don’t think that a lot of people are going to be surprised this season to learn that you and Mimi broke-up.

(Laughs) No, that’s not going to be a big surprise.

So, I’m wondering if you’re getting a lot of propositions.

Yeah. Here’s the thing. I’m not going to meet my mate in the lesbian bar. That’s just highly unrealistic. I don’t go to the lesbian bars often. When I do go to a lesbian bar, I certainly do get a lot of propositions. But those propositions are not something I would consider for dating.
I’m just having a great time being single. I mean a great time. I’ve been a serial monogamist since I was 21. I just always needed the comfort, needed something from being in a stable relationship. So I never got that opportunity to date and be single and be a little slutty and have that kind of blast that you have in your youth, so I’m kind of having that now. It’s been fun for me. I’m having a good time.

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