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Dog Fashion Collar For A Stylish Pet

Dog fashion collars may be used to get your pet dogs acquainted to being clothed.
And they are also an alternative for dogs who cannot wear clothes.
You see, not all dogs will wear clothing.
Some may show resentment, but that can be trained.
And some are just plain naughty and will chew on everything around including the clothes you put on them.
Lucky for these dogs to be treated and given attention like a true family member, at the same time, unlucky for them if they don't want to be dressed-up similar to that of a human baby.
Dogs are smart pets and can be very loyal if shown enough attention and love.
They are good followers too and may be trained to abide by their owner's command.
But each pet owner needs to understand also that pets have individuality and personalities which need to be taken in consideration especially when imposing a task or command to them.
If they show resentments in dressing up, do not push it too hard instead encourage them.
You are a "fashionista" and may want to have matching clothes with your pet on some occasions.
If your dog is a naughty chewer who can't last a few minutes without having the urge to nibble on his own clothes, then don't put any clothing on him.
Make him wear a fashionable collar with designs that match your own clothes.
This may not be a complete clothing ensemble but it's better than your dog going bare.
Do this until you have trained your dog and remedied the chewing problem.
Remember to have your pet checked for chewing problems because this may not be a simple case of naughtiness at times.
There could already be problems on your dog's mouth and gums that need to be checked by your trusted vet.
Also sometimes, the chewing problem may not go away at all.
Anyway, dog collars are your best alternative to keep him in style.
Some dogs may have negative reactions to being clothed but there are those who can display resistance.
Get them accustomed first with the feel of clothing in their body and accessorize fashion collars excessively with different types of clothing materials like laces and silk.
When the dog gets the idea of having these types of materials on his collar, slowly introduce him to full clothing.
Be sensitive of his reactions and check if he can eventually get the hang of it.
Some dogs may show signs of lethargy especially if he is uncomfortable.
If you are sure that the fitting is right and the materials are ok, then it is a sign that your dog just doesn't like the feeling of being clothed.
Again, do not despair if you are a fashion loving dog owner.
Fashion dog collars will give your dogs a stylish look even in the absence of full dog clothing.

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