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How to Put in a Bathroom Sink

    • 1). Turn off the valves controlling the hot and cold water lines to your sink. If you do not have in-room water valves, you will need to shut the water off in the basement or outside your home where the main water pipe enters your home.

    • 2). Position the pedestal between the water inlets on the wall. The pedestal forms the bottom "stem" of the sink as opposed to the basin, which fits on top of the pedestal.

    • 3). Position the basin on the pedestal so that the wall-support holes rest flush against the wall. You can find the wall-support holes on the rear side of the basin near the bottom edge.

    • 4). Darken the wall through the holes, using your pencil, then remove the basin.

    • 5). Drill holes into the wall at the pencil marks, using the power drill fitted with the 1/4-inch drill bit.

    • 6). Replace the basin on the pedestal.

    • 7). Slide the 1/2-inch butterfly bolts fitted with 1/2-inch washers through the wall-support holes and screw them into the holes you drilled, tightening them manually.

    • 8). Thread the water hoses up through the hollow back of the pedestal.

    • 9). Attach the hot and cold water lines to the corresponding water attachment beneath the sink using the crescent wrench.

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