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Learning Guitar Scales

Many new guitar players are intimidated by the thought of learning guitar scales.
While there certainly is a bit of a learning curve, learning guitar scales doesn't have to be difficult.
We are going to look at some of the easier ways to learn guitar scales.
Before you start to learn scales, it's a good idea to understand how to play at least a few basic guitar chords first.
Once you understand how the notes in chords fit together and how chord structure works, understanding guitar scales becomes a whole lot easier.
When you first start learning guitar scales, learning some basic scales that can be played in a variety of different keys is a good idea.
The C major scale is a good scale to learn when you're just getting started.
Playing guitar scales will build strength in your fingers and improve your coordination.
Once you learn to play guitar scales you will be able to play more advanced guitar techniques including soloing.
When practicing your scales and soloing, it's a good idea to either get some backing tracks or to play along with some music that you own.
Playing along with recorded music allows you to get a better sense of the rhythm required to play great sounding guitar solos.
It also make learning much easier.
There is a common saying in blues music, and it rings true in any genre.
"It's not how many notes you play, but how you play them.
" Keep practicing your scales and solos, and before you know it you'll be improvising and playing great sounding guitar solos just like a pro.

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