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Tropical Wedding Cake Flavors


    • Many prefer their icing to have a lighter flavor so that it does not overwhelm the flavor of the cake itself. Whether you choose a mousse, whipped cream or buttercream icing, there are several light and airy tropical flavors that can be appropriate for almost any cake. Some options you may want to consider include lemon, coconut, tangerine, lime, banana and pineapple.


    • The flavors for the cake itself can be stronger than that of the icing, and there are tropical flavors that can add the punch needed to accent the more subtle icing. Consider rum or banana-rum, lilikoi (Hawaiian passion fruit), mango, peach, almond, guava or macadamia nut.


    • For fillings you can get especially creative and use real fruit fillings or curds. The fillings can go inside of the cake layers themselves or be placed in between each layer as a base. Some good filling options for tropical cakes are pineapple, raspberry, mango, kiwi, banana, coconut, lime and rum.


    • You may find that you want each tier of your cake to be a different flavor. This is a good idea to approach, since your guests may have varying tastes. Therefore, in order to attempt to meet the approval of as many palettes as possible, have each layer be different (you can even switch up the filling) but make sure that the top layer is your favorite since that is the layer you can take home.

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