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Justin Bieber on how to be friends.

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Today's Quote:

Justin Bieber

I try to keep the people that have been around me since the beginning close to me. I really don't have a lot of friends. I have like three close friends that I'll fly out to see me, or iChat with, or call, but that's really the truth. (Source)

Today's Inspiring Thought: Forget About Numbers

For some reason people equate fame with being popular, which in turn means they must have a lot of friends.

Right? Not so fast.

If this quote surprises you (especially coming from one of the most popular celebrities around these days), think about how lonely it must be to rise to fame when you're young and still establishing life-long friends. So many of us have friends from high school or college, and we cherish them because they know who we are. If you're someone like Justin Bieber, however, you probably have to be wary of any new people that want to be your friend, because you don't know if they like you or just like your celebrity status.

Quotes like this remind us to pay attention to quality when it comes to friendship. Forget about number. If you have one great friend in your life, you're way ahead of the game. Just one friend can give you emotional support and help you to live a longer, happier life.

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