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How To Spin Drumsticks

Showmanship drumming is a great way to entertain an audience and add a little bit extra to your performance.
There are many different forms of stick spinning, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
Learning how to spin drumsticks properly will not only look great, but will improve your overall control and coordination on the kit itself.
The Fake Spin This is one of the most common forms of stick spinning.
This can be a great technique to use if you have a break or pause in a song.
It's very easy to get back into the correct grip after performing this spin.
The fake spin requires the drummer to hold the stick in the center with both the index and middle finger.
The rest of the fingers should remain open.
The drummer should then rotate the hand whilst moving the two fingers back and forth in opposite directions.
The stick will then rotate and will give the illusion of the stick spinning through the fingers.
The Grip Spin This spin is usually used whilst the drummer is playing a song.
This spin is very similar to the fake spin, however the stick is held with the thumb and index finger.
The stick should be held in the center, and the rest of the fingers should remain closed.
The drummer should then rotate the wrist clockwise.
To make the spin easier imagine that you are drawing a circle on te ground with the end of the stick.
This is a very quick spin and is best used when playing cymbal crashes.
The Forward Spin This spin is a little more complicated than the others, as the stick actually moves through the fingers.
Although this spin can be difficult to incorporate into drumming, it can be great for showmanship between playing.
To start the forward spin the stick must be placed between the index finger and middle finger.
The stick should then rotate forward through all of the fingers, ending up back in the same position as in the start.
This action must be performed twice, otherwise you will end up having the butt of the stick at the wrong end.
Learning how to spin drumsticks is a great way to improve the showmanship aspect of drumming.
It can also be a fun and challenging to learn, even if you don't play the drums yourself.
If you are looking for a way to spice up your playing then I'd definitely recommend learning these basic spins.

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