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How to Defrag EtwRTDiagLog.etl

    • 1). Open your Start menu.

    • 2). Type "User access control" into the search box and hit ENTER.

    • 3). Move the slider to "Never notify" in the window that pops up. Temporarily disabling this feature opens EtwRTDiagLog.etl to defragmentation.

    • 4). Click "Ok."

    • 5). Return to the Start menu and type "Disk Defragmenter" into the search box.

    • 6). Click "Disk Defragmenter."

    • 7). Click "Current Status."

    • 8). Click "Analyze disk."

    • 9). Click "Defragment disk." Wait for the process to complete. Depending on how recently you defragmented and how full your hard drive is, this could take anywhere from a couple minutes to several hours.

    • 10

      Click "Done" when it finishes.

    • 11

      Return to "User Access Control" and move the slider back to where it was.

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