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    Added Protection

    • One of the biggest advantages of a pro surveillance camera system is enhanced security. These systems may combine many cameras on the same network and use motion sensors to activate cameras as needed. Pro surveillance cameras also feature better image sensors and microphones, which translates to a higher-resolution image that can be used to identify a perpetrator and the collection of audio as well as video footage.


    • Pro surveillance cameras are more durable than their consumer-level counterparts. Some pro cameras feature rugged weatherproof cases and housings, along with better insulation for wires and motors. Compared to more inexpensive models, pro cameras should be capable of more frequent use and have a longer lifespan.


    • Professional surveillance cameras are often highly visible, allowing them to serve as a deterrent to crime. Placing large pro cameras in a parking area can be a good way to discourage car thieves or vandals, and adding cameras to a building exterior or entryway may deter potential burglars who are afraid of being caught in the act.

    Remote Access

    • Many professional surveillance camera systems allow for remote access by connecting to a central computer through an ethernet connection. Once the cameras are connected to the Internet, the images they record can be viewed anywhere, including on a homeowner's laptop or Internet-enabled cell phone. This remote access offers additional peace of mind and allows the property owner to respond to potential emergencies without needing to return to the property.

    Reduce Workforce

    • For businesses that employ security personnel, investing in a professional surveillance camera system is one way to cut back on the number of guards needed to secure a site. Instead of placing a number of security workers around the property, a single technician can monitor several cameras connected to a control center through a closed-circuit television network. This can cut down on costs, making it possible for pro surveillance cameras to pay for themselves over time.

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