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Feeding Your Tropical Fish

Like other animals, in order to survive, tropical fish need the right food in the right quantity.
Fish tend to be healthier in their natural habitat where they can hunt food for themselves whenever they require it.
In an aquarium environment, obviously some compromises are necessary.
However, it is essential that tropical fish are fed something that they can recognize as food even if they are not accustomed to it.
For this reason, the fish food is chemically constructed to stimulate the food receptors of tropical fish.
Some fish know that it is feeding time by the sound of the disturbance caused by scattering food in the water, whereas other fish will prefer to find the food in the tank in their own time.
You will therefore need to find the best way to provide food so that your tropical fish are receptive to it.
You also need to know how much food to give your fish and how often you must feed them.
You should feed your tropical fish daily, but only give them enough food to fill them as overfeeding can kill your tropical fish.
When you first get your fish, they may not be ease in their new environment.
It will aid in the survival of your fish, if you can calm them and put them at ease in their new surroundings, because only then will they begin eating.
Algae and rooted plants that are found in the fishes' natural habitat, will provide your fish with an environment that looks as they expect it, and thus helps achieve this end.

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