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Homemade Cell Phone Jammer

    Faraday Cage

    • British scientist Michael Faraday invented the Faraday cage in 1836. It is an enclosed space lined with electroconductive material such as a brass or aluminum. The metal is grounded to earth so that any electromagnetic signals will be transferred by the metal to ground without affecting anything within the cage.

    Build a Cell Phone Faraday Cage

    • Get two cardboard or wooden boxes. One box should be large enough to hold your cell phone and fit snugly in the other box. Cover the large box with aluminum foil. Attach a wire to the aluminum foil with an alligator clip on the other end. This clip attaches to an electrical socket ground or any metal plumbing fixture. Wrap plastic sheeting around the box to protect the foil from ripping. Leave one end unsealed. Place the cell phone in the small box and the small box in the large box. The aluminum foil will capture any cell phone signals and transfer them to ground via the wire and alligator clip.


    • An electromagnetic pulse generator used to broadcast interference on any cell phone frequency is illegal. Even if you bought one overseas, use of it in the United States will be prosecuted by the Federal Communications Commission.

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