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Vaughan Garage Door Shares Pointers on Garage Door Affected by Earthquake

Earthquakes Have the Potential to Cause Extensive Damage to a Door. Thus, In Order to Make Sure That the Door is Working Properly after the Quake, a Quick but Thorough Inspection is Necessary.

Earthquakes are one of the worst natural calamities. They disrupt buildings and complexes and cause extensive damage to life and property. Buildings which are not built or designed to withstand earthquakes fall like a pack of cards. Garage, just like any other, building component, also kneel down in front of the superpower of the earthquakes. Earthquakes can cause massive damage to doors as well as the items or vehicles present inside the garage.

When an earthquake strikes it causes a lot of damage to a door. Following are some of the parts of a garage door that suffer the most damage from a calamity:

€ The door panels
€ Support posts
€ The tracks
€ The motor

Although there is nothing one can do to protect a garage form an earthquake. However, our strategy should be to keep the door working even after an earthquake. Thus, once the natural danger has turned off, there is a need of proper inspection. Inspecting the parts of a garage door is necessary to make sure they were not affected by the earthquake.

Inspection of the Garage Door

Inspection is necessary in order to make sure that the parts of the garage have not suffered a major breakdown from the earthquake. In case they have, it is best to call for professional help to seek repair or replacement. Do the following check when you are out there inspecting your garage door:

€ Lookout for any crevices or dings in the door or maybe its surrounding structure.
€ Check the major parts of the door like springs, hinges, rollers or any other safety devices.
€ Cross check the balance of the door at least two or three times. For that, lift the door a few feet and then release it. If the door falls with a thud on the ground rather than travelling a few inches, then the springs aren't working in the right manner.
€ If the safety garage door cables attached to the springs are absent, then install them properly and that too with utmost care.
€ Springs that have worn out or look like they have been affected due to the earthquake should seek replacement immediately. Affected springs might show uneven gaps between coils, bent or nicks or even damaged ends.
€ Make sure the screws are tight and have not loosened themselves due to the earthquake.
€ For preventive reasons, lubricate almost all parts of the garage so that they work smoothly without any hiccups.

Any kind of damage to the components of the door can compromise the safety or working of the door. Thus the best thing to do after a quake is to either carry out a self-inspection of the door or bring a professional who is trained for this kind of work.

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