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How To Attract Beautiful Women - The Art of Approaching

This may not be exactly politically correct, but if you want to know how to attract beautiful women, you got to think of it as hunting. For those of you that don't know anything about hunting, the most import part is the art of approaching.

Before you can approach your "target" you need to make sure you are well prepared. Be sure you look good. Women don't like smelly, poorly dressed, dirty men. By just looking good you will dramatically improve your odds.

The secret to knowing how to attract beautiful women is to choose your "targets" very carefully. I can guarantee you an athletic woman who likes to take care for her body won't be interested in a fat, lazy beer drinker whose definition of physical activity is walking to the bathroom. Make sure you have something in common. It helps if you have a broad common knowledge. The more things you know, the higher the probability you will have something to talk about.

Approach her gently. It is very important not to give her the fright of her life. You might end up in jail! Make sure she sees you coming. This may sound difficult, but in fact it is very simple. Make eye contact and smile. If she flips you the bird, don't bother. However if she smiles back, this means you are still in with a chance.

There are no set rules in how to attract beautiful women, but being polite and charming and not overstaying your welcome is as close as you will get. Try making light conversation regarding something you both are doing and looking at. This will lighten the mood and give you another opportunity to test her response to you. If she is not interested in even talking to you, get lost. No use in wasting your time.

Approaching an attractive lady can be nerve wrecking because we fear rejection. The reality is that the worst scenario is her rejecting you. If your approach is subtle enough you can avoid the dramatic embarrassment of being pulled away by the cops. This is why the art of approaching is so important in knowing how to attract beautiful women.

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