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How to Remove White Water Haze From Varnished Wood Before Recoating

    • 1). Rub the surface of the furniture with a cloth dampened with a mixture of boiled linseed oil, vinegar and turpentine. Combine the three ingredients in equal parts to make the mixture. Allow to dry.

    • 2). If the haze persists, dampen a cloth with a mixture of one part water and two parts ammonia. Rub the white haze gently and allow to dry.

    • 3). For more stubborn stains, place a piece blotting paper -- a highly absorbent type of paper used to remove excess moisture from writing paper -- over the white spot. Press a warm -- not hot -- iron on the paper for a few seconds and remove. Dampen a cloth with a mixture of equal parts turpentine and water and rub the spot.

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