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How to Complete Household Chores Before The Weekend

    • 1). Make a master list of every routine chore for the house. This should include tasks like cooking, dishes, garbage, mowing, shoveling, raking, bathrooms, laundry (including sheets), vacuuming, dusting, moping, and so on.

    • 2). Identify who will do which chores. If you have children, give them appropriate tasks. For example, my nine-year-old daughter loves to mop the kitchen floor. My six-year-old can walk and feed the dog. Having the whole family complete chores is not only time-efficient, it also teaches a sense of responsibility.

    • 3). Create a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule, listing the chores and the person responsible for each. Note daily chores for every day. Schedule weekly chores between Monday and Friday. Make sure your plan accounts for sports or other commitments.

    • 4). Complete cooking and laundry tasks by Friday, planning to cook enough during the week to freeze or use leftovers for weekend meals. Another idea is to plan for Pizza night on Saturday or Sunday. Make sure you'll have enough clean laundry to cover Saturday, Sunday, and Monday; however, be aware that Monday night will most likely include laundry.

    • 5). Follow this plan for one month. Then, assess the positives and negatives of the plan, and revise it as needed.

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