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In this issue I want to share with you something that can help you improve your relationship with your child.
Have you ever come home after work and seen your child disheartened? What can you do to help? You are not sure.
Well take heart ! I know that you can easily solve this situation.
First greet your kid and say, "Hey what's brewing ?"Talk to your child find out what is their problem and what is causing their grief.
Be their friend.
Be sympathetic.
LISTEN until your child finishes talking.
Don't judge, just work on helping solve your child's problem.
Be as positive as you can.
Most huge problems are like, my friends won't talk to me because I beat them in the spellathon.
Relate your own childhood experiences but don't try to out do your child.
Start by sayingI have experienced this problem and it is not easy to solve.
You see everybody wants to feel important.
Your friends probably feel that they should be better than you.
But you won the spellathon and that is a wonderful achievement.
I am proud of you.
If your friends can't accept youbecause you are smart and intelligent.
Then it is time that you found some cool friends who accept you for who you are.
Back up and support you child.
You will see a special bond forming, tell your child that you are there for them and that you will help where you can.
The problems that your child faces may seem small to you but to them they are huge.
So be gentle and understanding of your child's issues.
Relationship problems can cause disappointment, and low self esteem.
All children need to be LOVED .
They require it and they have to be shown that by their parents.
As it has been said LOVE to children is the TIME that you spend with them.
The more time that spend with your child, the more they will think that you love them.
Make it a special time with your child.
It does not have to be anywhere special because you make it special for your child.
You show that you care by making a specific time that you always share with your child each and everyday.
Enjoy the company of your family especially your children, for they get older and grow up and sometimes move away and then you will miss them.
The time that you spend with your child is priceless.
Don't lose it ! This will improve the relationship and the rapport that you have with your child.
The joy that comes into your lives cannot be measured .
The memories from these times can only be savored once in a lifetime.
Make it your lifetime ! Your lives will improve and be enriched.
Keep working at it and not give up.
In all instances be positive and be encouraging .
Time is a precious commodity.
Use it wisely.
The benefits of these actions for you and your child will be that you will have a rapport between you, a great parent/child relationship, and awesome trust between you.
Something that money cannot buy! Real LOVE .

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