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Free Preschool Craft With Organic Material

There are many free preschool craft ideas that involve organic material like the trees, leaves and twigs.
These free preschool craft ideas show that the trees are a very important part of our world.
The trees give human and animals what they need the most - oxygen.
Humans breathe in oxygen every time they take a breath and then our bodies turn it into carbon dioxide which we breathe out.
Oxygen is something that we need for our cells, organs and bodies to function properly so that we can be healthy.
So this oxygen comes from the trees.
Through the magic of nature it is possible to create many free preschool craft ideas.
It is also important to know that the trees also provide shelter, food and shade from the sun for the squirrels, koalas, woodpeckers, owls, monkeys and many other animals as well as humans.
A great way to make the free preschool craft activities that also show the kids the importance of trees is by making a tree talker.
The materials that are required in making the free preschool craft activity include leaves, needles, bark or seeds from different trees, tree identification book, index cards that have been cut in the same size; One sheet poster board and 5 sheets of colored tissue paper.
A small cup of mixing glue is required for making the free preschool craft activity.
One can also make use of craft glue that is easily available at the craft store.
One cup water and a paintbrush are also required for starting the process.
One must sort the leaves, needles, bark or seeds that you have collected into different piles so that all the items from the same tree are together.
Take an index card and turn it so that the short sides are on the top and the bottom.
Paste the poster board flat on a table on your working surface.
The colored tissue must be glued to the board with the help of a paint brush.
It is important to leave spaces at regular intervals.
After this you must let your board dry completely.
After the board is dry, one must paste the index cards in the open spaces and lay out the leaves from your collection beside the index card.
This free preschool craft idea is very useful for the kids as well as their parents as they learn the importance of various kinds of leaves.
They learn to appreciate the flora and fauna with the help of the free preschool craft activity.

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