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When Can You Claim Against The Police?

Most people who wish to make a claim against the police will be because they have been wrongly arrested, assaulted by the police or they have been prosecuted for something that didn't do. Here are a few things about these types of actions that you should know about before claiming against the police.

Wrongly Arrested
Unlawful arrest is also known as false imprisonment. The police have to fully justify any arrest, so if you think that the police have acted wrongly outside their powers then it's worth that you get further advice. False imprisonment can happen in your own home, on the street, in a police vehicle and at the police station, basically anywhere where the police can control your freedom.

Assaulted By Police
As soon as someone touches you without a lawful reason and when they put you in fear of unlawful violence, it can be classed as an assault. As assault can include being punched, kicked and being subjected to an illegal body search. If you have been assaulted by the police it is important that you see a doctor straight away and have any injuries are noted down. It also helps if you take pictures of the injuries sustained.

Wrongly Prosecuted
If you feel you have been wrongly prosecuted then you have to prove that the police had no reasonable cause to prosecute you and that they were wrong to do so. You must also win your case meaning that any charges on you have been dropped or that you were found innocent in court at your trial or on appeal.

Other Complaints
You can also sue the police for breach of your right to protest or breach of other human rights. If you don't wish to sue the police you can also put forward a formal compaint.

If you are planning on just making a complaint against the police you can also sue them for compensations through the courts.

If you do decide to pursue your claim against the police then your chances of succeeding in making the claim are better when you have more evidence. You will want video footage, witness statements, photographs and even doctors notes from any injuries you might have sustained.

Just remember to write down the facts of the incident as soon as possible as well as all the details you can about the police officers involved. If there were any other witnesses there then get them to write down as much as they remember. By doing this it could help you to win your case.

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