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End Premature Ejaculation - Learning to Last Longer in Bed

If you suffer with premature ejaculation there's something you should know You can teach yourself to last longer in bed.
The reason for this is that lasting longer in bed is a skill, something that we can acquire and you are no different to other men in that you can learn to acquire it too.
Here's the bad news though.
Like everything in life that you learn, you will need to put in some work to learn the necessary skills to become better at lasting longer.
I have outlined a number of areas below that you will need to learn in order to start to last longer.
Check them out and you will start to prolong things for yourself.
1) Learn to use your breath Most of us don't know how to use our breath in order to increase the quality of our lives.
Here's one thing that you can try to start to help yourself today.
Consciously breathe into the lower abdomen area instead of the higher chest area where most of us tend to breath into everyday.
Next time you are having sex and you feel yourself approaching that point of no return consciously breathe into this area and bring your attention to this area.
This will slow your mind and enable you last longer 2) Learn to use the body Allot of the problems with premature ejaculation come from our mind.
In other words we do too much thinking and are overrun with sexual images in our minds and before we know it it's all over for us.
Use the body to anchor yourself during sex.
When your mind starts to become out of control bring your attention back to the sensations that you are feeling and focus on them exclusively.
3) Learn To make sex less of a big deal When there is allot of tension and expectation surrounding sex it can lead to it all going wrong on one way or another.
So consider this for a second.
Consider that sex is just another part of your day.
In essence this is what it is and no more.
It's just another bodily function.
Not placing such a Hugh emphasis on sex can really help when it comes to putting this problem in perspective and lasting longer in bed.

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