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Write Highly Effective Sales-Copy by Appealing to Your Visitors Emotions - 5 Powerful Words

Trying to write highly effective sales-copy that is appealing to your visitors emotions can be a very difficult task, especially if you are not an experienced copywriter.
This difficulty can almost be eliminated totally, if we remember why people buy.
The question that is on every individual's mind before they make that decision to buy, or not to buy is "what is in for me?" We should understand that people do not buy because of rational reasons, they buy because something more powerful is pulling at their guts, and that is their emotions.
They buy because of what the particular product can do for them, if it can save or make them money, solve their problem, improve their lives or other.
How your sales letter appeal to the emotions of your prospective buyer, will be the deciding factor in their buying decision.
So how will you be able to address this? There are many words that appeal to our emotions, and for your sales-copy to be effective you will have to do some research to find some of those words and incorporate them into your sales letter.
If you are looking to write highly effective sales-copy that will appeal to your target audience, here are five (5) powerful words to get you started: (1).
Fear of Loss - One of the most powerful human emotional fear is the "fear of loss.
" This can be any number of things including life, property, money, security, health, job, and the list goes on.
Finding out what this fear is, and writing your sales-copy to address that emotion by indicating how your product or service can overcome that fear, is what makes copywriters proud.
Here are some examples that addresses the fear and provide solutions: * "Protect your home from being robbed with these top 7 security measures!" * "Investing in Real Estate? Avoid the top 5 mistakes or risk losing thousands!" * "Save your life from a heart attack by following these 10 simple rules!" (2).
Greed - This is another very powerful emotion that drives people to take action.
People hunger for various things which includes money, celebrity lifestyle, power, good health etc.
This is commonly used by marketers to appeal to prospects, and it is very effective.
Most people have a strong urge to become, or to do, or to have, and this is why appealing to this emotion is so effective in marketing and advertising.
Here are some more examples: * "Make $10,000 in the next 30 days by following these simple steps!" * "Get easy access to a wide selection of exotic cars with this once in a lifetime premium membership!" * "Add 10 years to your life by following my exclusive raw food diet!" (3).
Lust - When we talk about lust, probably the first thing that comes to mind is pleasure, and everybody needs more.
Many of us have a strong urge for love, sex, companionship, being able to get any girl or guy that we want, and some of us will sometimes do whatever it takes to fill that longing.
Here are some examples of these emotional appeal: *"10 simple steps to attract any girl you want within 15 minutes!" *"Master the game of love with these 7 compelling techniques!" *"Are you lonely? Get my tried and proven recipe for attracting your true soul mate, even if you are shy!" (4).
Vanity - As humans we are all about looking good to other people.
We are always looking for ways to enhance our appearance, accomplishments, or abilities in the eyes of others, so this emotion can also provide a strong appeal in your sales-copy.
Nobody wants to be left behind, we all want to be noticed and be recognized.
Here are some examples of this: *"Be the "life of the party" with this gorgeous outfit that will enhance your curves, without any effort!" *"Need to look your best in jeans and tees? Take our '90 day workout plan' and get the body that men lust for!" *"Look gorgeous in any outfit by Losing 30 pounds in 30 days with my proven 10 step weight-loss recipe!" (5).
Laziness - Now while there are people who are branded "lazy" by default, what I'm addressing more here is the hunger that we all have to get more done, in the limited time that we have.
With all the chores and activities that we have vying for our time, we are always looking for something that can do it quicker and easier.
It is all about getting maximum results from a limited amount of effort.
Here are some examples that appeal to this emotion: *"Do not write another email - Copy and paste your way to success with these highly effective email templates!" *"Get great abs in 10 minutes with my 'power-crunch maximizer' - without spending hours at the gym!" *"Sick and tired of spending hours to write your articles? Get my 7 step action plan that will have you writing your articles in 30 minutes or less!" The ability to write effective sales-copy that appeal to people's emotions, is by far the most effective advertising and marketing strategy that companies and marketers use to make lots of sales with their promotions.
Not only does it work, but using this technique effectively can create a massive buying frenzy to take you business to new heights.
Doing your market research to identify the emotional words that appeal to your target audience, will provide a strong foundation to create an effective sales letter.

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