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Health Spending Accounts A Necessity for Canadians

In Canada the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) introduced a tax-free health benefit to employees. Each year there is a certain amount of allocated funds set aside for the Health Spending Accounts. This is a payment where a contribution is made by employers on behalf of their employees for specific health care expenditure needs. It is a benefit for employees that is not taxed. This brilliant service helps employees save a lot of  money on income tax each and every year. Once you open  a Health Spending Account (HSA)you can place contributions into it that are tax deductable. These payment can then be used for health care expenses for whenever they are needed.

Why Are Health Spending Accounts A Necessity for Canadians?

Health spending accounts are a necessity for Canadians because they are a very beneficial scheme to be apart of. This is because:
  • They reduce your income tax.
  • Your gross income is reduced which means that you may qualify for other additional tax breaks.
  • Your state income tax is reduced. This is because your gross income is what is used to asses how much of this tax you have to pay, and as your gross income is reduced due to having a health spending account, it has a knock on effect on your state income tax.
  • The fund in the account that you do not use continue to grow without being taxed.
  • You can also withdraw the fund for reasons not related to health care. However if you are under the age of 65 there is some tax charged.
  • With your prepayed tax dollars you can pay for the majority of your dental expenses.
  • Again prepayed tax from your health spending account can be used to pay for services that involve the care of your vision.
  • One of the reasons why health spending accounts are a necessity for Canadians is because unlike health insurance, HSA allow you to choose any treatment you decide. Whether it is acupuncture or herbal medicine. HSA leaves the health care choice to you.
  • Even the little expenses such as pain killers and cough medicine can be funded by this service.
  • The funds can be used for long-term care also. There are different rates allowed for different age groups.

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