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List Building - What You Have to Do Next

List building is one of the most incredible ways to make money online in 2007, and probably for the next few years.
You see, other fads have come and gone, and long gone is massive traffic to sales pages that convert really well.
That disappeared with the advent of high speed internet.
Today, you have to create relationships with people.
Real relationships, and you do that with list building.
Not list buying, or bulk emailing, but with genuine list building.
You have to build your own list.
So what do you do next? Here are some tips: 1)Get an autoresponder.
I use and recommend aweber.
I think it is the very best, and they have been really good to me.
2)Build a squeeze page.
If you do not know what a squeeze page is, search EzineArticles.
com for articles on how to build a squeeze page.
3)Put an opt in web form from aweber onto your squeeze page.
4)Send targeted traffic to your squeeze page.
I like to write articles just like these to send traffic to my web site.
Generally, an article of this size will net me about 5 subscribers - and I think that is worth the 5 minutes or less that it takes me to write this.
Now, set goals for yourself.
100 subs the first month, 500 the next - where will you be in a year.
Find a mentor.
Find someone who will coach you to the next level of success.
If you were taking swimming lessons, would you try on your own, hire a tennis instructor - or would you hire a swimming professional?I don't know about you, but I would hie the swimmer.
Do the same with list building - hire a professional to teach you what to do.

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