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Tile Backsplash Ideas With Black Granite Countertops & Natural Maple Cabinets


    • Look closely at the colors in the black granite. Because granite is a natural product, it will not be completely black. Flecks of other colors in the granite should serve as the inspiration for a monochromatic backsplash in your kitchen. If your granite has blue bits, opt for one shade of blue tile to match the blue flecks, then choose a second that's one shade lighter and a third tile one shade darker. Arrange these tiles in the backsplash so two tiles of the same color don't share a side. Choose cool colors such as blues or greens to offset the warm tones from the maple cabinets. Pick warm tones such as reds or yellows to make a bold statement in the kitchen.


    • Pick a backsplash featuring a painted design with both black and the reddish-blond color of the maple cabinets. These painted designs are available at specialty tile stores. A white background will help the design to stand out on the backsplash. Nature scenes or country images featuring trees or wooden objects will tie the backsplash into the brown of the maple cabinets. Black outlines or coloring in the design will match the black granite counters.

    Metallic tile

    • Bring out the shine in the granite and the gold tones in the maple cabinets with a metallic tile backsplash. Tile companies sell metallic tiles with raised images. Choose gold, brass or copper to pair with the golden tones in the maple cabinets. The flecks of quartz naturally present in the black granite make the counters glitter. This reflects the way light plays off a metallic tile backsplash.


    • Ease the color transition from the black counters to the lighter cabinets above with a gray slate backsplash. Gray is a combination of black and white. This hue ties the colors of the black counters with the pale maple cabinets to create a unifying point between these two different elements.

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