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Entertainment holds a great part of our lives and it is indeed a dull life if a person had to work all his time without a break. It would be like prison where they would be caged, day in and day out without respite from its monotony. With the dawn of computers, entertainment has shifted from being only in movie halls, drama theatres and TV. It has taken on a more personal meaning and it has made inroads to being with a person all the time through many small gadgets and portable devices that continue to render entertainment in a very miniature and personalized fashion. Gone are the days of waiting for something to be made available to a person, for records that were sold out. With digitalization of everything, music can now be downloaded directly from online stores and played on his portable devices.

Apple's role

            With two giants vying  with each other to beat the other in operating system business, it is true that the smaller conglomeration looks for opportunities and avenues in which to be a Sun. Apple no doubt thought of this and launched its series of portable devices all beginning with letter ‘i'. iPhone, iPad and iPod are the rage everywhere and people find that the latest iPhone 4 S is a great buy, no matter what price they pay for it since they've been watching for it since iPhone generation one. Currently, a person with money can invest it in good accessories for an iPhone, iPhone or even iPod among which a converter for these instruments also find a place. It is true that what Apple lost in terms of Operating system, has almost been achieved through its portable devices since sales volume for these devices have literally touched the roof. Due the advantageous nature of portable devices, one finds that there is a migration from windows operated system to another that is compatible with Mac systems for reasons like conversion from mp4 to DVDformats. This trend demonstrates the popularity of Apple's portable devices and a user finds that he also needs software to convert any movie from DVD to a Mac friendly format.

Conversion from mp4 to DVD

            The scene changes upside down when a person has many videos that were downloaded from online stores like iTunes and many others. These videos may be present in a very high definition format and the movies thus obtained may be so entertaining that a person wishes to watch them on a larger screen. What one requires now is to convert all his videos that are in mp4 to DVD format. This includes exporting an mp4 file, creating a contents or menu page with chapter headings text and background music that can be taken from the same file or from any other music present on a user's computer. An interesting feature of Wondershare's DVD creator is that it allows a person to snap images from the same video and incorporate it on to menu file so that it is natural to view and select a movie, when there is more than a single movie in one DVD.

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