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Insects & Bugs Preschool Activities

    Make Your Own Insects

    • Help the kids draw insects on colorful construction paper. They can make any insect of their choice, such as bees, butterflies or ants. Encourage them to use markers to draw details such as antennae and eyes. Help them cut out the insects with scissors. They can also use more than one color if they like. For instance, they can cut out the shape of a bee with yellow paper and then cut out black stripes and glue them on top of the bottom portion of the bee's body. This is an easy craft that preschool children will enjoy.

    Potato Bug Activity

    • Take the preschoolers outdoors to hunt for potato bugs. Potato bugs are found in the spring and summer underneath rocks. However, if these bugs are not in your area, you can buy them at the store and bring them to class. Help the kids collect potato bugs and place them in jars. Give the preschoolers potting soil and rocks to fill a large glass aquarium to make a home for the potato bugs. Place the bugs inside the aquarium when it's ready. The kids will observe the potato bugs and write down what they do, or draw the bugs.

    Lawn Insect Activity

    • Give each preschooler a magnifying class and take them outdoors to look for bugs. Ask them to look for grasshoppers, ants and lady bugs. They can crawl on the grass as they look for these tiny creatures. After the activity, take the kids indoors and ask them to draw pictures of the insects they found.

    Catching Butterflies

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