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How to Wirelessly Connect an Xbox to the Internet

    • 1). Turn off the Xbox 360 console.

    • 2). Plug the adapter's USB power cord into the Xbox 360's USB port, located on the back of the console above the Ethernet port.

    • 3). Disconnect any Ethernet cable from the console if applicable.

    • 4). Latch the adapter to the console by plugging the adapter's two flaps into the two holes just above the USB port you plugged the adapter into.

    • 5). Power on the Xbox 360 console and press the "Guide" button on the controller to open a menu.

    • 6). Scroll to the "Settings" tab then choose "System Settings" from the menu.

    • 7). Choose "Network Settings." This opens a new menu where you can view and edit your console's network connections.

    • 8). Select "Configure Network." This menu allows you to view your wireless connections, among numerous other things.

    • 9). Choose "Wireless Mode." You will have two options: "Windows Connect Now," which connects the console to a Windows-based computer, or "Scan for Networks," which is what you want.

    • 10

      Choose "Scan for Networks." The adapter searches for available wireless networks for a few seconds. It will deliver a results list upon search completion.

    • 11

      Choose your wireless Internet connection from the list and enter its password.

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