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How to Install Artisan Plank Hardwood Flooring

    • 1). Begin by measuring the room in which you will be installing Artisan plank flooring. By multiplying length and width, you can calculate square footage. Add about 10 percent to this number before making your purchase to account for any installation or cutting errors you may make, and also to provide for future repairs.

    • 2). Purchase your material. You can contact Artisan Hardwoods by phone at (512) 928-1655, or through their website, which is listed in the Resources section of this article. They can send you samples to ensure that the finish, veneer and stain of your floor is exactly as you want it.

    • 3). Prepare your subfloor for installation. If you already have a wood subfloor, simply sweep it clean, and remove any baseboards or trim. If you are working with any other kind of subfloor, cover the surface with a 1/4-inch layer of plywood. Nail the plywood down using concrete nails, and make sure the sheets are tightly aligned. This will give you a stable and secure base for your Artisan floors.

    • 4). Leave a 3/8-inch gap between the wall and your first row of flooring to allow for expansion. Lay your first row of planks along the longest wall in the room. Use flooring nails and a hammer to secure the plank to the plywood base.

    • 5). Install your next row of flooring tightly against your first. This row should also be nailed down, and the joints along each row should be staggered to make the installation secure.

    • 6). Use a floor stapler to secure the remaining rows of flooring. It should be placed at a 45 degree angle along the edge of each plank, and the wood should be fastened every 8 inches.

    • 7). Cut flooring planks with a miter saw as necessary to allow them to fit properly. Discard pieces of wood that are smaller than a foot, as they tend to make the finished floor look unprofessional.

    • 8). Nail the final two to three rows in place as you reach the opposite wall. Again, leave a 3/8-inch gap at this wall for expansion.

    • 9). Install baseboards or trim around the perimeter of the room to complete the project. These pieces can be cut with your miter saw and nailed in place every 6 inches.

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