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How to Manage Study Time in College

    • 1). Use a schedule organizer. As soon as you hear that you have a study session or an assignment due, put it in your schedule organizer. When you see it all set out in front of you, you’ll be less likely to forget that an assignment was due and you’ll be able to manage your study time better.

    • 2). Study where you won’t have distractions. If you know that studying in your dorm room is going to distract you, go to the library. You won’t be able to manage your time effectively if you’re wasting your time with unimportant things.

    • 3). Shut off the communication gadgets. While this may seem like the unthinkable, it is necessary. There is no sense in going to an area where you can study effectively if you bring more distractions with you. Turn off your cell phone and your instant messenger service on your computer. You’ll be able to study a lot better if you don’t have other people trying to talk to you.

    • 4). Take a break. Sounds counterproductive right? The chances that you’ll be able to study for three hours straight while staying sharp and retaining all of the information is slim. Take a 15-minute break per hour to stretch, take your eyes away from what you’re studying and think about something else. When you go back, chances are you will feel fresher and be more alert.

    • 5). Start your work immediately after it is assigned. You may be tempted to go watch your favorite show or take a nap, but when you start your work right after it is assigned you’ll have a head start. The directions for the assignment as well as the lesson are still fresh in your mind. Take the time to at least write out an outline or a summary of what you plan on doing. When you sit down the second time to do the work, you’ll already know the direction you want to head in.

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