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How to Make Toys for Mice

  • 1). Join cardboard tubes, such as those found inside toilet paper rolls, together to make a tunnel system. Cut a hole in the side of one tube that is the diameter of another tube. Push one tube into the hole you made in the other tube. Also, push the ends of tubes into each other. Squeeze the end of one tube, and make a little fold to enable you to push it into the other. Continue until the mouse tunnel is as big as you want. Mice like exploring. The tunnel system is also something to chew later.

  • 2). Place mouse treats, such as raisins, inside a small cardboard box. Thread a piece of tough cord through the box, and hang the arrangement from the cage roof. Mice first have to extract the treat. Afterward, they have the box to chew and the cord to climb. All-purpose string or cord from garden centers is suitable.

  • 3). Place a few nuts, dried fruits or some normal mouse food in a cardboard tube. Push paper into either end of the tube as a seal, and place the tube in the cage. This toy rolls, so figuring out how to extract the treats is a different challenge.

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