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Correct Maintenance of Your Panel Fencing to Make It Last Longer

Almost 80 percent of UK residential homes use timber panel fencing for their boundaries as opposed to other types of fencing materials such as concrete, steel and foliage. Timber panel fencing looks a great deal nicer than concrete and steel fencing (usually held in reserve for businesses and commercial types of properties) and is a lot less maintenance than the foliage options such as privets, hedges which usually need trimming weekly, especially over the spring and summer months.

The only drawback of timber panel fencing is that if it isn't maintained and looked after properly it does have the tendency to rot and even fall apart after just a few short months making the money you have spent on your fencing seem like a complete waste. This however can be easily solved by firstly choosing the correct type of fence panel in the first place, secondly, by choosing a professional fencing company to either supply or supply and install the fencing, and thirdly, but most importantly, maintaining and caring for your fencing.

Just like when you're buying yourself a new car, a new three piece suite or even a new kitchen, you get what you pay for, pay more money and get a much better quality product. The same thing goes for timber fence panels, if you don't wish to pay a lot of money there are budget fence panels available, these are made at a cost using a low grade, softer timber, if you want to pay more, then you can opt for a higher grade fencing panel, constructed from a stronger more durable timber and built to last using premium parts. Budget panels are also much thinner and have a tendency to rattle in the wind or even blow out completely during storms, the low grade, soft wood doesn't weather the elements very well and can begin to rot very quickly, this can however be held at bay by regular treatment with a good grade, exterior wood preservative. High Grade panels are thicker and fit snugly between your fence posts, this means that they don't rattle in the wind; they are also made from a higher grade, harder wood that doesn't bend as much meaning there is no chance of them blowing out during high winds or storms.

There are many places to buy timber fence panels; there are garden centres, DIY chains, and timber yards. But you should buy your fence panels from a professional fencing company, even if you are fitting the fencing yourself. A professional fencing company will assemble the panels themselves, not buy them in, they will use galvanised nails to prevent the timber from reacting with steel used in standard nails and they will treat all timber with a high grade preservative before assembly, this makes sure that every inch of the timber is treated making the fence panel last much longer, up to ten years in some cases. A good idea when selecting a fencing company is to first search the internet for local fencing companies so you can view their products and prices; it's the 21st century so a good fencing company will have a website. Another good idea is to visit their premises and see their manufacturing and assembly techniques first hand, watch them saw then treat the wood before assembly, this makes certain that the whole fence panel is protected and not just the parts you see after assembly, by vigilant and you too could have panel fencing that lasts for many, many years and be the envy of your friend and neighbours.

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