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Get Pregnant Naturally - Ways To Get Pregnant Fast

Positions for intercourse: Planting the seed right There's no doubt regarding the hush-hush approach to sexual positions; they are for porn stars and not for the average good folk, right? Wrong! Even a fertile ground won't yield the crop unless proper measures are taken to plant the seeds; it's the same approach that is required if you are to get pregnant naturally and fast.
However, positions must also match the psychology if they are to be considered the ways to get pregnant fast and unless there is enough stimulation (visual that is), they will seem more a duty than fun.
It's important to shed all inhibitions and free the mind for trying out varied positions, so out with darkness or the dimmed lights; let brightness come on in! Dim or no lights are depressing; there's nothing romantic about it; anything romantic is not supposed to confine the mind and imagination.
If mere ejaculation alone stayed responsible for inducing pregnancy, you wouldn't have been reading this page.
Boredom seldom gave birth to great results and that applies for achieving pregnancy as well; this is another factor that decreases semen volume; hence, a low sperm volume, not enough to create the pressure to reach deep within.
It will also deprive the woman from reaching orgasm, which will expand and contract the uterus' opening, drawing the semen deeper and thus aiding in increasing the chances for fertilization.
This is another thing positions do; there are certain ones that offer more stimulation speeding up the process of a woman reaching her climax; it is important if the male partner can't go on for enough time to make a woman reach orgasm the usual way.
And there are some that will place the sperm closest to the egg or make the meeting possible at the shortest time, ensuring that they start working before the egg dies.
Sperms stay alive for as much as 120 hours, so keeping them waiting from a day prior to ovulation usually yields a satisfactory result.
Positions that expose the cervix (neck-like opening to the uterus) to the sperms and help them move opposite to the earth's gravitational force have been found highly effective for impregnating women who, for all these years, grew weary of being infertile and that's not just through the missionary position; there's more to the Science of Love coined eons before modern medical science came to existence.
Of course everyone's genetic make up is different and designed differently so I encourage you to check out my get pregnant naturally blog to find out more about my own personal story.

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