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7 Ways To Move Your Business Forward Every Day From Today

Create more balance in your working day by keeping a Success Diary.
The best ones to use are the page a day type and you need to split each page into three fairly equal sections down each page.
Title the first section Health Goals, the second Section Wealth Goals, and the third section Wisdom Goals.
Aim to complete your 2 Health Goals per day as if they were a part of you, for example Daily Workout and Health Eating Plan.
Record your successes.
Your Wealth Goals are usually connected to building your business, so complete at least three business building tasks daily.
Record your successes.
Your Wisdom Goals are usually connected with reading a book or attending a training class, event, or webinar from a course you have invested in.
Aim to spend at least 30-40 minutes training your brain daily.
Small bite size pieces every day cumulatively works best, focusing on one area of your business until you master it.
Each day put a big heart somewhere on the page and write quality family time inside it.
Write 2-3 blog posts in an afternoon at the weekend in one session.
Make sure you get complete peace and quiet for this task and remember they are just blog posts.
If you get stuck for ideas spend 5 minutes reading through places such as EzineArticles and take some notes of what articles are popular.
Also take note of some great headlines for your blog posts and schedule up your blog posts for delivery if you have time at the end of your writing session you have now just freed up your mind for the whole week ahead.
Make connections with 5 people per day on Facebook and comment (do not dawdle here) on popular Facebook pages and comments.
Make sure you always stay positive, be encouraging of others and share something of value if it is appropriate.
Never spam people with links on Social Media you are at the biggest cocktail party in the world so be a welcome guest not an annoying pest.
Create a new Vision or Dream Board every time you need to dip into that pot called inspiration.
Firstly it will distract your conscious mind which will enable your sub-conscious mind to go wild with ideas.
(this is where that gut instinct of yours lies hidden most of the time).
I like to think about it in this way.
Divide your vision board into three sections, Wealth Goals, Health Goals and Lifestyle.
(Apply images liberally to all areas matching the section of course) Without good health you are not going to enjoy the other two, without wealth you will be affected by stress which could lead to ill health and you will not be able to live the lifestyle of your dreams and without being a goal orientated person seeking a better lifestyle for you and your loved ones? Well just perish the thought.
Control your Social Media time.
Distractions today are everywhere and we tend to take them with us on our Smartphones too! Just be wary of the time you spend each day on Social Media as it can seriously impact on other tasks.
Schedule up some Tweets using Hootsuite and use the Facebook timeline feature to do the same on Facebook, then just check periodically for updates, mentions, comments and messages.
Create a Free Report from a chapter in your latest Ebook and give it away as much as possible for the next 90 days or more.
Always use a squeeze page to help build your email subscriber list at the same time but give it away.
Your number one task online is to build your subscriber list so brainstorm 5 ideas you have right now that you can implement over the next 30 days that will help build your list.
Invest a few dollars a month in Onlywire bookmarking software.
If you are spending all your time blogging and then syndicating your post everywhere you can check out what Onlywire can do.
The upside is that once you have set it up you can submit your blog posts in less than 1 minute and Onlywire will do the rest, the downside is it can take a few hours to actually set up when you first use it.
But like the advert says "because you're worth it!"

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