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4 Easy Steps To Get In To Your Hammock

Relaxing in a hammock can easily melt away the stresses of everyday life.
Just you, swinging away in your own little private nature retreat with a book and cold beverage nearby.
In the background you can hear the sounds of birds chirping or perhaps that new garden fountain you just installed.
It sounds enticing; doesn't it? So you walk out to your new hammock with that book and beverage in hand, but stop few feet short when the thought hits you "How in the world am I going to get into that thing without breaking my neck?" There are some simple principles, which if you follow, will make getting in to and out your hammock much less threatening.
For starters, if you have a drink set that down on a nearby table.
Some hammocks have accessories such as side tables and drink holders.
Basically, you want to put it somewhere that you will be able to comfortably reach it, i.
not the on the ground.
Hopefully you are sitting in a quality hammock that is forgiving to user error.
In general, spreader bars make getting in and out of your hammock a little bit easier.
Nonetheless, whichever style you have, the technique is still the same.
Sit on one edge and allow the hammock to hold your weight.
The far edge will raise up as the edge you are sitting on will sink and swing low.
When the far edge is up over your shoulders, allow your full body weight to slowly transition to the hammock as you swing your legs gently up into position.
Rotate from the hips and lean back so your whole body will end up on the hammock.
Take a deep breath of relief.
Reach over and have a sip of your beverage, you deserve it.
Let's review the four easy steps:
  1. Sit squarely on the edge of the hammock
  2. Allow your weight to sink into the hammock.
    The opposite edge will begin to rise.
  3. Rotating from the hips, swing your legs up into position as your torso leans back.
  4. Relax and Enjoy
To get out of the hammock, do exactly the same thing in reverse.
Slide your legs off the edge and rotate your body from the hips.
You should have both feet firmly on the ground so you can easily stand up.
After a few attempts, getting in and out of your hammock will become a breeze.
After all, if Homer Simpson can do it, so can you!

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