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How to Choose a Strong Dog Toy


    • 1). Go to a large pet retail store, so you have variety. Allow enough time to browse the many varieties of dog toys offered. Toys should be grouped together in a few aisles for your browsing convenience.

    • 2). Look for hard rubber toys. Choose a shape and size of rubber toy that will appeal to your pet. They offer bone shapes, fill-able tubes and bulbs, tire shapes and even squirrel shaped strong dog toys!

    • 3). Browse the plush toy section. Read the labels on the plush dog toys. Look for benefits such as reinforced stitching or the claim that they are made from canvas or burlap. Take note of the seams, the construction of the toy and if it seems strong to you. Tug on the toy, and make sure you don’t hear the seams pop.

    • 4). Select natural products as a strong toy for your dog. Choose from cow bones, pig hooves and dried muscle chews. Bones will last the longest of the natural dog toys. Look for natural bones that are plain, filled with peanut butter, filled with a meaty flavoring or even cheese.

    • 5). Look for rope toys. Choose form knotted ropes, twisted ropes and even ropes threaded through hard rubber balls. All are strong durable dog toys.

    • 6). Test chew bones. They are made from nylon are very strong. You can choose from flavored varieties and semi-hard varieties for growing puppy teeth. Choose the correct size of nylon bone for your dog. They can vary from petite to extra large. When in doubt, choose the larger size to avoid a choking hazard.

    • 7). Go to the rawhide aisle of the pet store and look for thick rawhide products. Look for knotted rawhides, which will last longer for your dog. Choose compressed rawhide as an even stronger dog toy option. The multiple layers are more durable than traditional rawhide.

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