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Successful Leaders Go Step By Step

Simply because an individual is able to ascend to a position of leadership, it does not guarantee that he will be effective, meaningful or ultimately achieve success.
One must be willing to put in all the necessary effort and commit considerable personal resources if he wants to succeed.
There is no shortcut to effective leadership, but rather requires a step by step approach.
Each leader must be patient and willing to take incremental or baby steps, creating short term, intermediate and longer term plans and goals.
One will never become a success if he lacks the necessary patience.
William Shakespeare wrote, "To climb steep hills requires slow pace at first.
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All great leaders must create some sort of consensus on a variety of issues, if he wishes to have achievements.
The reality is that if too much is attempted immediately, there is generally a greater degree of resistance, because most people prefer evolutionary, gradual change to the revolutionary sort.
Why if this is so obvious, do so few approach their tasks in this manner? Probably, because it requires more attention to detail, a greater amount of effective listening, more empathy, and much more in depth planning.
Great leaders must therefore be true communicators, developing a relationship with constituents that makes them more willing to accept and participate in making certain needed changes.
When others feel overwhelmed by too many proposals all at once, they are far more likely to feel uneasy, and thus be resistant.
The step by step approach begins with having a vital vision and developing related goals that one feels are essential for the longevity and relevance of the group, and this often even the sustainability.
Once goals are created, an action plan must be created, communicated, and utilized.
For this plan to be more than simply more empty promises, each step must have a timeline, an assignment, and an individual who is responsible for the implementation.
There must also be an explanation of what each step is used for and why so that all are clear about the needs and objectives.
When all stakeholders are made comfortable in the plans, the potential to achieve important goals is maximized.
The converse is also often true if plans seem overwhelming, radical or scary, even if they are anything but.
If you wish to be a successful leader, adopt the step by step approach.
Work deliberately but efficiently, and use absolute integrity to achieve what you feel is most important for the organization.

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