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How Do You Roll Out More Mileages From Your Tires?

Among the many common complaints among car owners and motorists are they are not getting good mileage from their tires.
They often learn from their friends that they have to change their tires faster than usual.
Often wondering why their tires do not last as long as they should.
When it comes to reduction of tire wear, there are few situations to consider.
Tires that run under a series of adverse conditions, like heavy highway usage, used for rental cars would have its tread reduced by one-fifth compared to that achieved under more normal conditions.
Other adverse situations which will reduce tire tread life are fast driving together with fast acceleration and overused of the brakes.
Over a period of time the tread will reduce significantly.
This will be even more deteriorating if the vehicle travels on long winding and uneven roads.
Taking or driving through corners at a high speed will increase tire wear as well.
A ten per cent increased in cornering speed can increase the tire wear by as much as fifty per cent.
Mechanical faults like a wrong tire alignment and faulty absorbers will contribute to uneven and rapid tread wear.
The signs to look for are, the tire will wear out at either more to the right side or left.
Whereas, a faulty absorber will make the tire look jagged or wavy.
This happens because the tire acts as a partial absorber for the vehicle.
It actually absorbs some movements from the vehicle thus forming the jagged look.
Incorrect inflation pressure will worsen this situation.
An under inflated tire will show more wear in the middle.
An over-inflated will show its side wears more.
Tire life is also greatly affected by the tire or road on which it runs.
In general rule, rough surfaces are more abrasive than smooth ones.
Hot dry weather can wear tires twice as fast as cool wet conditions.
The use of 4-wheel drive on hard surfaces will drastically reduce tread life.
So remember, the motorist is the most important factor in any consideration of tire life.
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