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Top Seven Secrets on How to Stay Hard

If you're like me, you've probably thought countless times how to stay hard.
Premature ejaculation is a condition that can cause a man considerable anguish since it represents a threat to his sexual potency.
After all, when you ejaculate too rapidly, you leave your partner unsatisfied.
Fortunately, there are many ways that premature ejaculation can be addressed, although they will require time and practice.
There are no quick fixes to help solve this sexual dysfunction.
Here are some tips for learning how to stay hard.
Get over your performance anxiety.
Every time a man gets into bed with his sexual partner, he's mentally measuring himself against the last porno film he's seen.
This sets an unrealistic standard to meet and helps cause premature ejaculation.
Learn to relax and enjoy the moment, focusing on giving and receiving pleasure rather than being some kind of superstud and staying hard for unrealistically long periods.
Open communication channels with your partner.
Learning how to talk openly with the person you're most intimate with can help address concerns over premature ejaculation.
Relaxation techniques can help you learn how to stay hard by addressing the tension that may cause premature ejaculation.
Some of these techniques include deep breathing during lovemaking to help relax your body and distracting yourself by thinking of something unsexy when you feel you're getting too close to climax and you're not ready.
You can also have (just) one glass of red wine just before intercourse.
Practice the squeeze technique with your partner.
This is a technique that can help teach you how to stay hard by teaching you how to pull back just before you reach the point of no return and you ejaculate.
In the squeeze technique, have your partner masturbate you, and then when you feel that you're getting close to climax, she should firmly squeeze the head of your penis until you lose your need to ejaculate.
You may lose your erection but never mind; just resume foreplay until you get it back again.
Practice this technique until you reach the point where you know how to stay hard longer.
Enjoy longer foreplay.
It is well known that the sexual response times of men and women are different, with men taking a significantly shorter time to climax than women.
To address this imbalance, focus on arousing your partner first without her touching you.
When she's ready, you can start intercourse so that you can climax together.
Use sexual health supplements to supplement other techniques that teach you how to stay hard.
There is Stay Hard cream, a desensitizing lubricant that helps reduce sensation in your penis to help control premature ejaculation, as well as Stay Hard pills that help give you longer-lasting erections.
Both supplements use natural herbal ingredients that have traditionally been used to address male sexual dysfunctions and have minimal, if any, negative side effects.
Practice Kegels exercises.
These exercises work out your PC muscles, the muscles that you use when you try to prevent urination.
Once you've identified these muscles you can practice squeezing them repeatedly so that you can learn ejaculatory control and know how to stay hard.

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