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Marty Floyd also Said "Real Marketing, Real Millions, Really Yours! Moreover, It is you!"

Real marketing, business processes and service in cyberspace.
Call this the best chance for anyone who can grab a computer to go online and start a business from home that is almost guaranteed to make millions.
From my perspective I wanted to provide a good service, at a good price, and make money working from home.
I have been a road warrior and I have been an expert out there in the cruel business world.
I have been in charge.
I have seen a lot of greed, back-biting, out right sabotage, and a general apathy once people get to the level where they make enough money, have enough power, or can use enough people.
Some reach the top level where they can have money, power and use people! It really is too bad that the world is like operating this way in many countries.
I guess that is why it must have policing and rules.
The strangest part of this whole concept of getting rich while working from home is so far out of sync with what people should be doing that I find I must write something to tell people what I know and what is going on out there in the "byte" world! There really are some people out there who want to share knowledge like I do, however, there are many more that find something that works and they go copy it, or create a derivative of the original, so they can scam the general population too.
My personal research has come up with a figure of over 97 % of the "get your money too, like I did!" crowd are nothing but con artists.
It is like my mom said when I was fairly young and I traded a dime for a nickel because it was bigger "son, you can never take something at face value and believe it is a good deal when the guy giving you the deal is laughing all the way to the bank.
" She was indeed a very smart person though she had little schooling and dropped out of school to support her family and let her sister finish school.
She was smart enough to hold together a family with five children, a father who was worn out from the war (WWII) while working five and six days a week in a sewing factory.
Not to mention she did all the cleaning, cooking and washing until my sisters were old enough to help her.
Anyway the point is that she decided to make the family stay together and do what she could to help us know something about God..
and survive.
Now back to the scamming (not spamming) on the Internet.
The scam is not new at all.
It is just like the old westerns I watched on the babysitter (TV).
A lot of the shows had some guy hawking "snake oil" that could cure any ailment and only cost a dime! The point is that everyone wants something to make them feel better and they want the value to boot! The gist of it all is that I have something to pep you up, cure anything, and I can prove it.
I have a witness.
I have somebody who was afflicted but now is free from the demons of health and welfare.
That is what they all want you to believe or swallow as it were.
Point is there is no cure-all, do-all, or fix-all! The only way to do it right is to develop a plan and follow it.
Get help when you need it.
Find the expert on what ever piece you can't handle properly! I am going to make this a whole lot easier for you than it has been for me.
You see I started out in the computer business and have come across just about everything in the past 35 years.
I met the lady who discovered the term "bug" in the computer.
It really was a moth.
She also showed me what a nanosecond looked like when she gave me a length of wire that represented how far an electrical current would travel in a nanosecond! I actually programmed plug boards in the old accounting machines.
I wrote in assembly language and macro level languages.
I also wrote in a business language the lady helped develop call COBOL.
From the meager beginning I saw all the major changes.
I saw IBM grow to have more in "unallocated reserves" than the revenue of all the other computer manufacturers put together! Everyone wanted more power and in IBM lingo it was called "more iron".
I had a sign made up and put on my mainframe.
It said succinctly "old blue".
I bought one of the first things called a PC.
It was an IBM 5110 and it seemed almost like a dumb terminal.
We wrote a few Fortran programs.
The thing cost $7200 and I couldn't get anyone to buy it a year later.
Well a year after that I was working on one "slick" PC.
It was a Vector Graphics brand running an operating system called CPM.
I programmed in a language called BASIC and really had a hard time with the concept of having to write my own "bubble" sorts to get data in a format that I could print grouped information on reports.
This guy came out with an Apple PC and Texas Instruments came out with one that was not really too good.
Anyway, then another guy came out with this operating system called MS-DOS based on the original IBM 8080 and 8088 processor.
The next few years were kind of tough for these folks.
I even had a calculator that I could program and load tape strips of code to do things like calculate the present value of some asset.
Before I end up writing specifically on the history of computers let me just say I grew up with mainframes, minis, and PCs.
I wrote in many languages and I even wrote in the forerunner of the internet browser, a language called MOSIAC.
I can tell you that the first Windows OS 3.
0 was trash.
Windows 3.
11 however was the start of something big! There are many, many writings on Microsoft so I won't belabor the point except to say Radio Shack and Texas Instruments and Apple had the jump on the market usability.
Their stock went through the roof and this Gates guy (Bill) started playing hard at making deals with manufacturers to put his software on the PCs they built so the general public could have a machine that worked when it was brought home and turned on the first time! All this was to provide a perspective on where the links were and how we got to a point where the government came up with the idea of being able to communicate over the air with computers sort of like with telephones.
ARPINET was born and it was not long before you could take most any PC, put a modem on it, reach some access point out there and from that point go almost anywhere to connect to a web address (URL) or a mail account.
I know I have digressed on computing history but I wanted to cover the background and some concepts before I got into what I want to provide you based on my experience in this field and the research I have done over the years into what makes sense out there on the internet.
My big guide has been "what can I do that does not violate the rights of others or hurt others.
" With that in mind I had immediate problems when I started looking into all the marketing gimmicks out there and the fact that many of them were copying each other and most were outright lies.
I tried many of these before I learned how bad it was.
Many just gave you a song and dance.
Some tricked you into paying with little chance of getting a refund because they tied it to quotas.
Well I got pretty discouraged when I went to a group setting at our convention center and sat through this program on websites.
The hawker was showing us the web, showing us how easy it would be to develop something much better than the yellow pages so that business owners would jump at the chance to pay us to get onto our directories.
In fact they had a Mall that we could sell people on and get them into this virtual mall setting so shopping would be just like going to the physical place.
Problem was there were only about five pages actually out there (me being smart and already into the net, I went and checked right away to see if they even had a real site!) They had a real site but no tenants to speak of for a mall.
That is when I got suspicious and tried to contact the person who sold me the site.
I could not reach the guy so I called the convention center to find information on his company and what recourse I would have through the convention center that sponsored the event.
Bottom line was the center has no responsibility to check out the sellers, nor do they have insurance or recourse on what is sold within certain limits.
They could restrict weapons and ammunition but were free to have con artists take people's money! My particular recourse was to call my credit card company and try to stop payment.
Smart guys that the cons are, the money was transferred immediately to another account and the guy I dealt with moved.
I pursued the credit card charge with the card company and got the charge dropped as I had not received any merchandise or service.
They agreed and took the $400 in charges off my card.
That was not the last larger dollar missed opportunity.
I bid on a great laptop with eBay and went to bed as the auction was to end at 4:30 A.
my time.
The seller represented that they had some 24 of these educational, purchased, and loaded PCs that a school system decided not to use.
They got them cheap because of the school purchase price.
Anyway all were being offered in a Dutch auction.
When I got up the next morning I checked my eBay bids and WOW, I won this fully loaded Sony laptop for $1,000.
I was really happy as I had recently reviewed the same model and I knew it was a great deal, not to mention that I won it for less than half the going price! Unfortunate for me was the fact that this was a new seller, was from an Eastern European country and sent an email congratulating me on my win.
You see there was a stipulation on the shipping and payment that instructions would be given to the winners on shipping and payment was through Western Union.
I could pick the shipment method and they were including the laptop case in the deal.
So I told them that I wanted Federal Express and went about getting Western Union to take my American Express cash advance for payment.
You see the con was probably an insider with eBay and the payment functions.
They knew how to write up the auction and terms that enabled them to get the money and run.
The Eastern European country turned out to be "Bucharest" and the cons were staying in a hotel across the street from Western Union.
They went over to the office, collected what monies they could and skipped out! In the interim I had tried to stop payment, had called eBay and had researched the fraud laws.
All this was on Monday! It turns out that eBay was able to get a bulletin out for winners not to pay on the Auction based on my information and another eBay winner.
So the con collected various amounts that came up to $89,100 for this fraudulent auction! The national fraud service could only take the information for reference.
They would not go after foreign parties.
Their specialty was to go after fraud in the United States that affected many people! Happy ending for me anyway was that I convinced American Express that I received no benefit from the purchase and they took the charge off my account.
All of this was to show how easy it is to get taken.
Your results are entirely up to you..
it is your business after all! Just remember that you need technical assistance and you need common sense.
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