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Learn Body Language - 3 Simple Steps to Understand Women"s Body Language

When was the last time you were at a bar, saw an attractive women and had NO idea what to say? How about when she is obviously interested into you but you are too scared to take it to the next level? This article will give you 3 steps to understand women's body language.
Most of men do not know how important it is to understand women's body language.
Most of the time they are trying to keep focus on reading a women's mind, standing for hours just to find out is she interested or not.
Stop trying to understand a women's mind and try to understand a women's body language.
Understanding it doesn't mean look at the women breasts but it is more to see the her attitude, to see the signal of her face.
Unfortunately, men choose to not care about her body language.
First, all communication between people is 90% nonverbal.
Second, the nonverbal signals are 5 times more effective than the verbal communication.
When you don't understand her body, you will lose 90% of the match.
Learning to understand a women's body language is simple.
This isn't about operation or makes you to stop breathing.
It is as easy as 3 steps...
The first step, is to gauge the proximity that she is to you, is she close? Does she seem to come into your personal "bubble" often? The second step, during conversation, does she touch your hand as a gesture or put her hand on your shoulder? That is an obvious sign that she is attracted to you! The third step, does she feel comfortable if you do the same to her? Place your hands on her upper back while talking and gauge her reaction, does it startle her or does she jump? If you have built up the foundation correctly you won't have to worry about that! I hope that helped, but don't forget, once you understand a women's body language that is 90% of the game, you are almost there but you need to learn the other 10% which is flirting and verbal communication!

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