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How to Start a Gun Shop

    • 1). Acquire your Federal Firearms License from the federal government. Applicants must be at least twenty one years old, able to buy guns and free of any gun control violation. Any indication of a previous conviction can delay your application with the Alcohol Firearm and Tobacco Agency.

    • 2). Find a location. An official business location must be opened before receiving a license. Search for prospective locations in a high traffic area. Contact a real estate agent about prime location sites. Once a site is established, the local and state police must be informed. Contact the zoning department for compliance information. Apply for business permits and tax numbers. Keep a detailed account of gun transactions in case of an audit.

    • 3). Decide on the types of ammunition you want to sell. Write a business plan to estimate start up costs and general information. Create a marketing plan to target the popularity of certain guns. Find reputable gun manufacturers to conduct business with. In addition, decide on what firearm accessories to carry. Install gun safes and security systems for your business.

    • 4). Market your business in the regional newspapers and publications. Start a referral program. Join the National Rifle Association and hunting and camping clubs in your area to network. Stage a grand opening. Construct a website and include important information about your new gun shop.

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