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How to Mix Eggs With Sugar & Flour

Beating Eggs

Some recipes instruct you to "lightly beat" the eggs before adding them to the sugar and flour. Lightly beating the egg means beating the egg with a fork or whisk to break up the yolk and blend the yolk and white of the egg to create a creamy, yellow mixture. Lightly beating the egg stops short of whisking the eggs until they are fluffy.

Cream Eggs and Sugar

Some recipes instruct you to cream the eggs and sugar before adding the flour. Creaming eggs and sugar together requires you to beat the eggs lightly in a small bowl first, then pour the eggs into a second bowl holding the sugar. Set your electric mixer on low and and blend the eggs and sugar together. When the ingredients are thoroughly blended, increase the speed for a minute or two until the mixture is creamy and fluffy. Creaming adds air to the batter and makes the finished product light and airy.

Adding Flour

Adding flour to the creamed eggs and sugar can be done either by hand or with an electric mixer. Pour the flour into the eggs and sugar mixture a little at a time and mix it on the lowest setting of your mixer, or use a mixing spoon to blend the ingredients together. Work the mixture until it forms a soft dough and the flour is thoroughly blended.


Some prefer to mix the sugar and flour by hand in a large bowl and add the beaten egg to the mixture. Combine with an electric mixer until all ingredients are blended and a soft dough is formed. Many recipes instruct you to cream sugar and butter first, add the eggs and then add the flour.


If the recipe also calls for a leavening agent, such as baking powder or baking soda, mix this in with the flour before adding either the eggs or the sugar. This prevents clumps of baking powder or baking soda from forming when they contact wet ingredients. Likewise, mixing other dry ingredients, such as salt or spices, with the flour before adding wet ingredients, such as eggs, milk or oil, ensures that they are well blended.

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