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Wedding Centerpieces Used As Party Favors

It is customary to have wedding favors provided for your guests on your wedding day.
Clearly, you do not have to do anything you do not want to do, but it is polite and expected.
So your guests would probably notice if you did not give them away.
Sometimes, it can be difficult for a bride and groom to incorporate wedding favors into their budget.
So if a couple chooses not to give away favors it is because they could not afford it, not because they did not want to.
However, you are spending a lot of money already on your wedding and most of it is about making it perfect for the bride.
So why not put that little extra into making it special for your guests? What many couples do to save money on favors is to incorporate it into decorations that they already have included in your budget.
The most popular way to do this is to incorporate them into your wedding centerpieces.
This makes sense for two reasons: 1.
if you are already going to pay for a centerpiece then you may as well kill two birds with one stone and 2.
the guests definitely will be seated at a table with a centerpiece so there is no way they could not locate their favor.
In order to ensure that your party favors are appreciated, I have compiled some basic guidelines for you.
The best favors at weddings are personal, non-perishable, and useful.
Making the favors personal is especially important if you are combining your favors and your wedding centerpieces.
The idea of wedding decorations is that they represent the personalities and love of the bride and groom.
Non-personal party favors that could have come from any event will most likely end up in the trash or at a garage sale.
Now that is a real waste of money! Perishable favors include things like food and flowers.
These are things that will be forgotten about and gone within a week.
If you want the most bang for your buck - perishable items are not the way to go.
Additionally, having a favor that is useful is very important.
Every time that item is used, the bride and groom will be thought of fondly.
Additionally, the favor is not just a waste of space! So if you want the perfect wedding favor follow these rules: 1.
Make it double up as a wedding centerpiece, 2.
Make it personal to the bride and groom, 3.
Make it something that will last forever, and 4.
Make it a useful gift.
Then you will have the holy grail of party favors!

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