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Compare Custom Cabinets

    • 1). Visit several showrooms to get an idea of what each has to offer. Check out the materials, designs and hardware for the floor models of cabinets.

    • 2). Talk with salespeople at the showrooms to find out what types of custom cabinet options are available. Materials, sizes and hardware from the floor models can be mixed and matched to create your perfect custom cabinets.

    • 3). Figure out what size you want your cabinets to be. In bathrooms, the size is generally 18 to 21 inches deep, 24 to 60 inches wide and 31 to 33 inches tall. Kitchen cabinets generally have a lot more leeway in size and will depend on the amount of space you have.

    • 4). Research the various materials that your custom cabinets can be made from. Most stock cabinets will be made primarily from particle board or plywood with the outside of the cabinet made of actual wood. However, with custom cabinets, you can choose to skip the cheaper materials and have your cabinets made entirely of a material such as maple wood or cherry lumber.

    • 5). Check out the hardware options for your custom cabinets. The hardware for both kitchen and bathroom cabinets can vary widely. To help you compare, consider the design and current hardware in the room where the cabinets will be installed. The hardware will include hinges, joint fittings, knobs and handles.

    • 6). Find out how long it will take for your custom cabinets to be made. This will vary by dealer, material and size. Typically, you will have to wait at least six weeks for your cabinets to be finished.

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