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Article Marketing 101: To Submit or Not To Submit

This is a little gem that I want to share. Article Marketing was a big talk a year or so ago and the buzz has died out. But, it is still a killer way to market your business.

Just think: currently there are thousands upon thousands of article directories on the web. Each of these directories stores hundreds upon thousands (and sometimes millions) of articles covering everything to the best way to run a bed and breakfast to the latest practices in the accounting world. When visiting one of these sites, a visitor can simply choose whatever category they please and pull up thousands of articles on that topic.

Why should you care? Because since search engines like Google love article directories, if you write a keyword dense article, you have a strong chance of boosting your organic ranking on Google. Organic listings are the non-paid for results that show up after a Google search. These hold lots of value and have a high click through rate, ideal for lead generation.

So how do you do it? First pick a topic that shows off your professional expertise and is directly related to your business. Again, taking the example of the owner of the bed and breakfast, write a tips article about €10 Tips to Attracting Guests€ or an informative article about the latest trends in the industry. Then, write a 400-600 word article covering this topic. This is the perfect word count for pick up, but I would suggest leaning slightly toward the higher number. And here's why.

You need to pack your article with the keywords that your business is associated with. If you have a keyword list of 5 words, make sure that those keywords appear as many times as you can in the article without being too obvious. For example €From my 15 years as a park ranger in Yosemite€ is perfect, whereas €From my 15 years experience as a Yosemite park ranger, specialising in park rangery for the Yosemite area€ is unacceptable (and yes, I did just create the word €rangery€€¦.call Websters). A keyword packed article will surely interest mega-sites like Google, so make sure the quality and keywords are there!

How are you going to get these prospects to your website? Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy €" your bio! Depending on the article, you could use your landing page incentive in your bio. Your bio should be no more than 3-4 sentences (remember, short attention spans) with 2-3 sentences building your credibility and introducing your business. Then use the final sentence to introduce your incentive and drive leads to your landing page. For example: €Go to today and receive your free Ebook, €20 Dessert Recipes Under 10 Minutes€. This will get people to your landing page or website where they will convert into a lead!

So now you have the article€¦what do you do? Market it! Widely distribute the article to:

Article Banks
Your email database
Post it on your website
Post it on your blog
Social Media Sites (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook)
Submit it to blogs
Promote it on message boards and discussion groups
The sky is the limit. Think your article is really a hit machine? Then even try distributing it to sites such as PR Web and PR Newswire (which widely distribute your article to media all over). These are pay services, but worth a shot if you have excellent material.

Distributing articles and sharing useful information is the new currency that the internet works on, so by having a few up your sleeve you will be able to drive traffic to your site, build your credibility and create more interest. Write at least one article a month (ideally at least two), and distribute widely. If you are pressed for time, seek out a professional who writes articles exclusively for the web. They will know how to work in the keywords to maximize lead generation.

Again, is this the answer to your marketing woes? No, but it is an important tool in the over all marketing strategy. In my experience I have learned to never put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversification of the marketing tools you use is the way to go!

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