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Couples in Business Together - Qualities of Successful Couples

You and your spouse have already made a life-changing decision in choosing to commit to each other for life.
Now you are considering, or have already agreed, to work together.
Do you have the qualities necessary to be a successful entrepreneurial couple? Do you have a reasonable chance of creating a business as a couple and being successful at both the business and your marriage? To be successful, couples in business together must achieve success in business and in their marriage.
Success for a couple in business means that working with your spouse is good for business and good for your marriage and family.
Given the dual criteria of success in business and success in your marriage we offer our top ten "Essentials" for copreneurs.
Your business activities must be in some way compatible with your marital and family life.
As a couple you must have a healthy, mature marital relationship.
There must be effective communication between you and your spouse.
You need to clearly define your roles.
At least one of you needs to be self-motivated and ambitious.
Each partner must bring significant value to the business.
At least one of you needs "attention to the bottom line.
" 8.
Each partner must create a healthy blend/balance of work, family and personal time.
As a couple in business together you must be able to deal effectively with change and stress.
As a family business you must be able to resolve conflict effectively.
Certainly, there is no one model for success.
Each business is different.
The dynamics of each couple's personalities are different.
While there is no foolproof way to create and maintain a successful business as a couple, we believe that these ten tips will set you on a positive course.

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