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Explore the Royalties With the Palace on Wheels

Palace on wheels is something which Indian population use to describe luxury and royalty.
It affirms to be the pride of the country.
It is prominent as the most admired luxury train in India and stands in the list of the best luxury trains in the world.
Travelers from all over the world visit India to enjoy a luxurious ride in the palace on wheels which takes them further to the most imperial and best heritage destinations of the country.
The best part of the train is the royal ambiance that dots the train.
The train got its authentic royal feel from the original carriages of the Rajput maharajas that have been used to make this train.
The maharajas used to travel in these royal carriages with their wives, for official purpose, entertainment and enjoyment.
It used to be the all purpose vehicle for the royal kings of the time.
After India got independence and became a democratic these carriages were handed over to Indian railways.
Indian railways then got the idea of using these carriages as a luxury train for travelers and let them have a royal experience which the Indian kings used to have.
The carriages were given a luxurious makeover without losing its authenticity.
The train was then adorned with plush services.
It was well-equipped with imperial facilities.
The heart-warming hospitality of the staff added more charm to the train.
In this way Indian railways got its first luxury train.
The Palace on Wheels follows a systematic pattern of the track for exploring heritage sites in Rajasthan with the addition of chugging through wonderful heritage in Khajuraho, Varanasi and Agra.
It is the grandest of the luxury trains.
This most indulgent luxury train was recently chosen as the 'world's leading luxury train'.
It has a quite obvious reason behind this.
Suffused with grand indulgence, this train is an exclusive franchise of five royal routes.
It allows passengers to experience the Indian royalty in the Maharaja's way.
In fact, such type of luxury trains allow passengers from the world over to realize their intriguing fantasies about Indian kings and their life of grandeur, glimmer and glamour.
The royal experience in the train will give a feel to travelers as if they are travelling back in the time to of the Indian raja-maharajas.
The itineraries of this imperial train criss-cross through many Indian destinations exclusively in this heritage trail.
The best package available is the 7 nights - 8 days tour which takes travelers to the prominent attractions of Rajasthan and can be extended to other states of India.
The journey commences and concludes in Delhi - the capital of India.

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