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Simple Yet Effective Household Cleaning Tips

Household cleaning is not rocket science.
Most items around the house can be cleaned with whatever you can find on hand.
To get started, find empty boxes, a broom, a spray bottle with window cleaner, dish soap and abrasive cleanser, if you have it.
If not, use baking powder and water - it works nearly as well.
If you have an old sock or dust rag handy, that will do, as well as an old T-shirt for cleaning the floor.
Housework can be easily being done, with just a few helpful tips.
In fact, keeping the home clean is not mindless labor; light housework is both stress relieving and health supporting.
A dust filled environment, which can promote sickness and even damage to the lungs, particularly children's lungs.
Clear surfaces - tabletops, bright fresh windows without blocking the light outside - are good for one's mental health and ability to concentrate.
Natural light is of better quality and does cost a penny to use.
A light bulb doesn't use much wattage, but by positioning one's desk or work area near a window is just plain good common sense.
Try to work in the daytime, rest in the evening if possible - it is better for the eyes, as well.
Household cleaning should be done on a daily basis.
Doing so regularly puts cleaning on a maintenance level, which means it can be done quite quickly and efficiently! After each meal lightly sweep under the table and pass around the kitchen / entire home to catch light dust.
Did you know that there is dust in outer space? Dust is falling from the universe.
Naturally some of it is bound to land in your home.
Once a day or every other day, vacuum and mop the floor.
The broom is good for after meals, but the vacuum really sucks up the dirt, so floor surfaces stay clean longer.
A damp, well rung out rag (i.
the old cotton T) with a hole in the centre will pick up those tiny crumbles and make a great shine! Plain water with liquid cleanser can be used - even a spoonful of laundry detergent, if it is well dissipated in the hot water.
Keep dipping the rag and squeezing it out - not too many suds - just a little soap will do.
If the water in the bucket is too dark, dump it in the toilet and make a new batch.
In general, clean from the top - down.
That means dusting, wiping table surfaces and windows, then vacuuming and mopping.
Think to yourself "what is wrong with this picture?" This is the whole clue to leaving your home in good order.
Use your washing machine to clean the curtains and throw rugs, if possible.
Make it easy on yourself - the home is for you to enjoy! Think of ways to minimize work.
Take off your street shoes when entering the home and wear indoor slippers.
After showering, use a squeegee to wipe down the excess moisture to prevent mould and mildew from forming.
Special days can be reserved for special projects, like cleaning the refrigerator, defrosting the freezer, cleaning the oven, or organizing the armor.
Basically - think ahead.
The empty boxes can be filled with non-seasonal clothing items and put away.
The same with old papers and broken toys - objects that will never be used again.
Fill up the boxes with junk and put them outside - directly in the trash can! Voila!

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