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Indications of a Transmission Problem

One of the most important parts of your car is the transmission. It is also the most complex one. The transmission is used much more than any other part, so it is subject to wear and tear. You should not expect that your transmission would go on working fine year after years. To maintain a healthy life for your transmission always have it checked regularly from a transmission shop.

Transmission problems are usually identified by characteristic sounds. Whenever your engine is making mysterious sounds it can be an early indicator that your transmission is malfunctioning. Take it immediately to a transmission specialist, they can further detect the cause of the noise and ask you to do accordingly.

Sometimes you may smell something burning when your car engine is on. This is nothing but over heating of your transmission fluid. This is a severe problem with your transmission. If you don't repair it soon you will have to pay a heavier price later. Other times your transmission fluid may leak. This is the most easy to identify. Transmission fluid helps in lubricating the different parts. If this is low on level or gets over heated the engine efficiency is seriously hampered. If not repaired immediately this can cause complete stop of engine also known as engine seize.

Sometimes you may find that your car refuses to go into gear even after engaging the clutch and trying to move the stick. This can be either due to low fluid level or a faulty computer system of the vehicle. You must look into the cause and if this continues an expert advice should be sought.

An early detection of transmission problem actually saves you a lot of money. The check engine indicator helps in doing so. When this light glows there has to be some problem with the engine although it is not necessarily a problem of the transmission. There are a lot of sensors to detect even the slightest aberrations, so this indicator does not lie. Take your car for a routine check up by a mechanic and get it fixed.

The most dangerous symptom of a transmission is that the gears constantly changes all of a sudden when driving. This is known as slipping out of gear. Normally the gear never changes unless the computer for automatic transmission or the driver changes it, but when you find that the car does not stay in the assigned gear it is a major transmission issue that should not be neglected. It is very much dangerous to drive in such a car. Immediate repairing is must.

A vehicle in proper condition should run smoothly. There should not be any kind of grinding sound or jerking. The most probable reason is a problem with the gears. Manual transmissions usually make a grinding sound while an automatic transmission does not make sound but it takes a bit more time to shift than usual smooth and easy transmission. Take you vehicle to a transmission shop and have it repaired.

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