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Career Paths: Deciding to Become A Masseuse

Massage therapy is a growing industry with many career opportunities.
Massage therapists can work for an existing business or can be self-employed.
Many therapists who work on their own find the flexible hours, no commute drive and great pay to be a major attraction.
Other therapist may find themselves working anywhere from a gym to a resort.
At the end of the day most therapists feel fortunate to have found a field of work that they love.
Massage therapy includes the practice of using pressure and motion to manipulate muscles in order to provide stress relief or rehabilitation.
There are other fields of massage that include holistic benefits, personal therapy and psychological relief.
Many therapists work from home and have a room dedicated to massage.
The main equipment needed for a massage is minimal and may include a table, sheets, a pillow, towels, essential oils, lotions and possibly massage stones with heating and cooling apparatuses.
Those who work for another business may find themselves in a spa, chiropractic office, resort, airport, fitness gym or a medical center.
The training required for the proper certification ranges from 300 to 1,000 hours of class training.
Usually, at least a high school diploma is required.
Those who have studied physiology and psychology will have all the advantage.
To become an expert at massage one most practice giving massages and be willing to learn as they go.
It is important to become familiar with the profession before delving in.
Think about the things that most interest you and about the techniques that seem intriguing to you.
Spend time talking to professionals and doing the proper research.
There are many books written about massage so visit your local library to see what you can find.
A therapist should enjoy working with people and enjoy understanding the body.
They should be anxious to always learn and grow as the industry is constantly changing.
Continuing education is part of the criteria.
One must be self-motivated and must know how to run a small business if working for themselves.
The industry is vast and it is nearly impossible to not find an angle that isn't interesting to everyone.
Get to know the salaries of a massage therapist.
An average massage in the US costs about $60 an hour.
Not every hour of every day will consist of performing a massage.
There must be time for recovery after a massage, a time for scheduling appointments, prep time and a time for handling the business side.
If a therapists works for a business then they will only receive a portion of cost of a massage or may be paid hourly.
The bottom line is that this industry is about helping others.
It is about helping others have a soothing experience that may benefit them both physically and psychologically.
It is about being a caretaker and about finding natural solutions to every day ailments.
The massage industry attracts people from all walks of life.
There is no room for prejudices or for judgment.
There has to be an inner desire to help everyone no matter what their happenstance.
If this something that interests you, then get started by contacting a massage therapy school near you.

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