Family & Relationships Conflict

The Ex-Factor! Find Out the Secret That Triggers Passion and Ends Pain!

It boils down to your focus in life.
That's right, what are YOU going to focus on right now? Having pleasure, love and excitement? Or boring, mind numbing conflict? This could be the greatest time you ever lived, but you must control what you focus on.
If you find a more empowering meaning in your life, and you model the actions of the people who succeeded doing what you are trying to accomplish right now! Here's the trick: You must adopt rituals.
Rituals are things you do on a continual basis.
Either you have empowering, life enriching rituals.
Or you have disempowering, self-limiting rituals that take away from your life.
In your case, disempowering ones'.
So, in order to set everything straight in your relationship and in your life.
You need to fill your life with empowering rituals, and eliminate all the rituals that limit and shunt your growth.
And I had said before you must model people who have succeeded doing what you want to do.
Find a couple who have an absolutely extraordinary relationship.
You might say "we'll they're just lucky" or "we'll never be like them".
Bullshit! There are things they are doing everyday, on a consistent basis that makes their relationship incredible.
You need to find out exactly what these things are, and start applying them to your life! Combine that with your focus and you have a recipe for success.
You must control what you focus on everyday.
Your rituals will be determined by what you decide RIGHT NOW to focus on...
Love, meaning, fulfillment or pain, irritation and frustration? It's really that simple.
You just have really lousy conditioning.
Your mind is conditioned to get into conflict, and focus on the stress,frustration and irritation.
Tell me if I'm right...
Something your ex does in your life, that bothers you, irritates you, stresses you out.
You get caught up in feeling bothered by it.
And then you let that have power over you, and take control of your state...
? You don't even realize it, but your "lens" is focused so strongly on negativity, conflict, problems.
You forget to "zoom out" and focus instead on excitement enthusiasm, joy, love, etc.
You want to change your life.
Change your god damn focus!

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