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Often - Westside Liberals Do Not Allow Conservatives in their Book Clubs

In California, especially in Los Angeles and the Bay area many people have formed book clubs.
It is great to see people reading and that is so great for our nation as it sets a good example for our next generation to learn to read and keep reading books even after they finish High School.
Recently some friends in Beverly Hills, CA told me they were in a book club with friends and they decided to expand the book club by five more people.
One of the ladies in the groups said to everyone to see if you have any friends who would like to join and then she added a caveat; No Republicans.
This is interesting because as many Liberals in these regions of our Nations seem to claim to be all-knowing.
Most folks know that these reading lists are quite selective and apparently their book clubs are quite exclusive as well, at least this particular one seems to be.
So much for treating everyone equal, political correctness and everyone deserves empathy approach to Utopia? It seems rather amazing that the comment we sometimes here in the media; that Republicans only read selective reading material and converse with only conservative viewpoints is indeed the exact problem that this particular book club in Los Angeles, California Westside suffers from.
Perhaps it makes sense to get these folks to look at another perspective.
The Right Perspective I might add.

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